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Spacious Skies Campgrounds is a fast-growing owner and operator of RV campgrounds with 1,200 RV, tent, cabin and glamping sites across multiple locations from Maine to North Carolina.

The company purchased its first campground in Alfred, Maine in May2021 and has since expanded to RV campgrounds from Maine to North Carolina and Tennessee. The Bernardsville, N.J.-based company is on a fast growth track and is continuing to expand its portfolio with the acquisitions of existing campgrounds.

The Spacious Skies mission is to offer a fun, relaxing and authentic campground experience for all. The primary method of achieving this goal is to take existing campgrounds and bring them up to an institutional standard. The parks accommodate all size RVs and feature full electric, water and sewer hookups. Sites are both pull-through and back-in configurations. Some parks have cabin, tent and glamping options, and the company carefully considers adding more sites to accommodate demand.

The company is led by founders Ali and Eric Rasmussen, a couple with a life-long passion for travel and camping and extensive backgrounds in real estate, capital markets, branding, design, marketing and talent recruitment. The company’s headquartersteam is focused on marketing, IT, acquisitions, hiring, administration and operations. Individual properties feature field managers and onsite general managers and maintenance workers who focus on the campground operations and improvement projects.

About the Campgrounds

The 11 Spacious Skies Campgrounds are located in Maine (two), New Hampshire (two), Massachusetts, New York (two), New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Campgrounds vary in size, acreage and offerings. A critical component of the company’s growth and execution strategy is its dedicated in-house property management company. In order to grow and operate the portfolio to its greatest potential, Spacious Skies built its in-house property management capabilities from the ground up.

Here is the complete list of campgrounds listed in order of acquisition:

1. Alfred, Maine
Spacious Skies Walnut Grove
93 RV sites, three cabins. Acquired May 2021.
2. Henniker, N.H.
Spacious Skies French Pond
140 RV sites, eight tent sites. Acquired Aug. 2021.
3. Austerlitz, N.Y.
Spacious Skies Woodland Hills
207 RV sites, two RV rentals, 14 tent sites. Acquired Aug. 2021.
4. Boston, Mass.
Spacious Skies Minute Man
93 RV sites, seven cabins. Acquired Sept. 2021.
5. Abbot, Maine
Spacious Skies Balsam Woods
84 RV sites, six cabins, four tent sites. Acquired Oct. 2021.
6. Hancock, N.H.
Spacious Skies Seven Maples
121 RV sites, four cabins. Acquired Nov. 2021.
7. Luray, Va.
Spacious Skies Shenandoah Valley
76 RV sites, four glamping yurts, two deluxe cabins, eight tent sites. Acquired Dec. 2021.
8. Dorothy, N.J.
Spacious Skies Country Oaks
139 RV sites, two cabins. Acquired Dec. 2021.
9. Fayetteville, N.C.
Spacious Skies Sandy Run
62 RV sites. Acquired April 2022.
10. Monterey, Tenn.
Spacious Skies Belle Ridge
50 RV sites and 12 cabins. Acquired April 2022.
11. North Hudson, N.W.
Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks
137 RV sites, 22 cabins, three yurts. Acquired June 2022.

Enhancements and Expansions

The company has launched numerous enhancement and expansion projects to maximize the potential of each campground and ensure that each location features camping experiences in beautiful natural settings. Each campground has its own activities and amenities, but consistent standards of customer service, high-quality facilities and amenities are company-wide.