Celebrate Fall With This Campground’s Themed Weekends — What Campers Need To Know




Jim Fulcher


September 24th, 2023


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Fall’s magnificent colors certainly are a star attraction at Spacious Skies Campgrounds, but the campgrounds themselves have taken on a fall flavor as well.

Spacious Skies Campgrounds owns and operates 15 RV campgrounds with RV, tent, cabin, and glamping sites. The campgrounds all share themed weekends throughout the camping season and those weekends now feature themes such as “Oktoberfest” and “Halloween Blowout.”

“When we introduced our themed weekends earlier this year, we quickly learned that our guests are abundantly creative and endlessly enthusiastic,” Ali Rasmussen, co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, told TravelAwaits in a statement. “From decorating their RVs to participating in games and craft sessions, our themed weekends have become events that bring out the kid in everyone, no matter their age. Our fall themes are sure to be favorites, with extra opportunities to show off costumes, decorate pumpkins, and collect sweet treats — all while making fun camping memories with friends and family.”

How To Celebrate Spacious Skies Weekends

Spacious Skies Campgrounds’ locations are all in the eastern U.S. They can be thought of as a string stretching nearly 2,500 miles from Maine to Georgia.

“We will all celebrate the same theme together on the same dates during each campground’s normal operating season — please check each campground to see its specific season’s dates!” Spacious Skies Campgrounds explains. “The theme will look a little different at each Spacious Skies Campground, but the fun will be the same.”

Those themed weekends this fall include:

  • Oktoberfest: October 6–7
  • Halloween Blowout: October 13–14
  • Fall Festival + Pumpkin: October 20–21
  • Monster Mash: October 27–28
  • Glow In The Dark: November 3–4

You can find a full map of its campgrounds at Spacious Skies Campgrounds. You can see the schedule for themed events for the rest of this year at Spacious Skies 2023 Weekly themes.

Digging Deeper Into Fall

If you’d like to “follow” fall, you can also use Spacious Skies Campgrounds’ 2023 Fall Color Trail to help synchronize your stay with fall’s projected peak colors. What’s helpful is that the Fall Color Trail even explains what types of trees you’ll see in each campground and what colors those trees’ leaves will be.

For example, at the Spacious Skies Balsam Woods campground in north-central Maine, you’ll be able to see maples, birches, and oaks turn yellow, red, brown, and purple from early September through early October. The trail ends at Spacious Skies Savannah Oaks in Savannah, Georgia, where campers can enjoy watching oaks turn copper, yellow, and red from late October through late November.

Know Before You Go

Before you begin making reservations at Spacious Skies Campgrounds, be sure to sign up for the Spacious Skies Loyalty Program. Those members, called “Cosmic Campers,” receive a 12 percent discount on all RV site, cabin, and glamping reservations.