Discover the Colors of Spring with Spacious Skies Campgrounds’ Spring Bloom Trail




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March 21, 2023


Discover the Colors of Spring with Spacious Skies Campgrounds’ Spring Bloom Trail

Embark on a vibrant journey through the Eastern United States as the Spacious Skies Campgrounds Spring Bloom Trail brings an unforgettable experience to festival enthusiasts. The trail, stretching from Tennessee to Maine, showcases the breathtaking wildflower blooms and a diverse array of local events that celebrate the arrival of spring in each region.
Ali Rasmussen, the co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, emphasizes the campgrounds’ strong connections with the local communities, highlighting their commitment to supporting events, artists, and makers. With a total of 14 Spacious Skies Campgrounds located near picturesque towns, stunning vistas, parks, and attractions, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the beauty of springtime and the richness of local culture. “There are countless ways to celebrate the arrival of spring throughout the East, and campers and glampers who home-base at Spacious Skies Campgrounds are close to all of the action,” said Rasmussen. “All of the campgrounds have close ties to the communities where they are located, and it is extremely important to us to support local events, artists, and makers.” In addition to standard RV sites, the campgrounds offer unique glamping options such as cabins, yurts, and retro trailers.
For those who have yet to experience the joy of RV travel, rentals are available through RVShare, providing the perfect opportunity to embark on a comfortable and adventurous journey. To enhance trail-followers’ experience, the Spacious Skies Loyalty Program offers a 12% discount per night. With an annual fee of $31.90 in its inaugural year, members can enjoy exclusive promotions and updates on company news and be the first to hear about the addition of new campgrounds and improvements to existing parks. Reservations for RV sites and lodging can easily be made online. The Spring Bloom Trail is packed with exciting events, each celebrating the season’s arrival in its unique way.
Festival highlights include the Blooms, Bluegrass & BBQ festival in Tennessee, which offers a delightful fusion of barbecue, spring flowers, and bluegrass music. The Piedmont Plant & Flower Festival showcases Certified South Carolina produce and garden essentials in South Carolina. North Carolina boasts the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival, celebrating the state’s dogwood trees with food, arts, entertainment, and the Bigfoot Festival in Marion, a lighthearted homage to the legendary creature. Virginia’s Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester emphasizes the beauty of apple blossoms and promotes community spirit and agricultural heritage. The Doo Dah Parade in New Jersey, a comedy parade that has welcomed spring for over 35 years, features 300 basset hounds as its star attraction. In New York, the Hudson Valley Pirate Festival and Adirondack Woof Stock promise fun for the whole family, while the Boston Pizza Festival in Massachusetts guarantees a delicious experience for all. New Hampshire’s Exeter UFO Festival and New Hampshire Bacon & Beer Festival both offer a unique blend of entertainment and fundraising for worthy causes. Lastly, Maine’s Bug Light Kite Festival and Whoopie Pie Festival allow guests to indulge in delightful treats while enjoying live music and other festivities.
The Spacious Skies Campgrounds Spring Bloom Trail presents a remarkable way to experience spring’s splendor, engaging visitors with abundant local culture and natural beauty.