Follow Guest Blogger Ann Bush as She Follows the Flowers along the Spacious Skies Campgrounds Spring Bloom Trail

It’s going to be tough to keep up with serial explorer, author, travel journalist and blogger Ann Bush this spring. Texas-based and world-curious, Ann is on a mission in the next few months to view wildflower color, seek out crazy adventures and drive some serious miles as she embarks on a months-long, extraordinary journey from the lakes of Texas to Acadia National Park in Maine.

During her four-month journey, Ann – along with her adorably photogenic pup Tipper – will stop at most of the 15 Spacious Skies Campgrounds situated throughout the East, timing each visit to coincide with the wildflower bloom in each location.

Along the way, Ann will be stopping at off-the-beaten path attractions, historic towns, quaint sites, local festivals, national and state parks and backcountry hiking trails. She’ll hear some music at the Tanglewood Music Festival while staying at Spacious Skies Woodland Hills in the Adirondacks, hunt for the rare Oconee Bell flower while at Spacious Skies Peach Haven in Gaffney, S.C., check out the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge during her stay at Spacious Skies Minute Man near Boston and explore Acadia National Park while at Spacious Skies Balsam Woods in Abbot, Maine. Jealous? We are too.

That’s why we’ve asked Ann to share her travel stories as a Spacious Skies Campgrounds guest blogger. Ann will be periodically posting about her adventures on the Spacious Skies blog in a new series, the “Cosmic Campfire Chronicles”.

It’s easy to become an “Ann fan” and follow along on her epic journey. Simply follow us on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to Spacious Skies Campgrounds emails by submitting your email address in the footer of our homepage, and we’ll send updates every time Ann posts about her adventures. We’ll also keep you posted about Spacious Skies news, offers and programs. In the meantime, join us in wishing Ann a safe and epic journey. CAMP ON!

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas
Ann with Tipper, 2016