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Debra Bokur


September 14th, 2023


New to the world of RV adventure travel, but can’t wait to get on the road this fall?

 Spacious Skies Campgrounds offers a selection of RV sites, tent sites, cabins, yurts and retro RV rentals, plus full rental cottages. That means there’s something to make everyone, from camping pros to first-timers to family travelers, happy.

Ali Rasmussen, co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, offers these great tips for travelers planning a family RV trip:

Consider Your Family’s Camping Style:

“Are they adventure-seekers, or do they enjoy lazy days relaxing in nature? While branching out from your comfort zone can lead to discovering new interests and capabilities, there’s something to be said for knowing where your family will be most comfortable for your trip. Just as important as selecting the appropriate type of accommodation is considering the ideal campground location. Picture your family on your camping adventure. Would you prefer to make the most of the campground and its amenities, hanging out at your site or lodging for the duration of your stay? If so, the on-site offerings will drive your campground selection. If your campsite is more of a home base while you explore the surrounding area, the geographical location of the campground should be your main focus.”


Shenandoah Valley © Spacious Skies Campground

Book Ahead:

“To ensure your site or lodging is the best fit for your family’s needs, plan ahead — 30 to 60 days or more — so you have your pick of campground. Some families love to be near our kid- friendly amenities, such as a pool, jumping pillow or playground. Others prefer a spot tucked away from the heart of the campground, to ensure quiet nights for little ones with early bedtimes, or for pets adjusting to new surroundings. The farther ahead you plan your camping adventure, the wider the selection, so you can choose your favorite spot. If you know a specific site will absolutely make your camping trip, make use of the “site lock” feature when booking to ensure that spot is all yours!”

Look for Kid-Friendly Amenities:

“Young campers and kids new to camping may enjoy an extra dose of fun beyond the natural wonders of the outdoors. Kids camping with us (also known as ‘Cosmic Kiddos’ in the Spacious Skies universe), enjoy beautiful surroundings while hiking, biking and exploring — and can enjoy special treats they wouldn’t find at home, such as jumping pillows, gem mines, swimming pools or natural bodies of water, paddlecraft rentals, arcades, gaga ball pits, mini-golf and more. Kid-approved amenities vary at each campground, so be sure to check out details online. We also offer Themed Weekends from April through November. Each weekend features activities, games and crafts with that theme in mind.”


© Spacious Skies Campground

Unplug to Connect:

“One of the great advantages of camping is the opportunity to disconnect from screens and electronic devices. Take your family’s time together in nature as an agreed-upon time to put phones and devices aside, and immerse yourselves in the camping experience. Disconnect from electronics and reconnect with each other, sharing stories by the campfire. Talk about this goal as a family before you leave so that this expectation is set even before the trip starts. Come up with a game plan so expectations are clear and everyone is on board. Pack books, board games, sports equipment and other things that you can enjoy together.”

Be Flexible and Patient:

“Camping may come with unexpected changes in plans or challenges to sort through as a family, especially when kids are involved. Embrace the unexpected and be flexible with your plans. If the weather doesn’t cooperate or an activity doesn’t work out, have or create a back-up plan. Stay positive and patient, and remind yourself that the ultimate goal of a family camping adventure is to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. A hiccup in plans that may be frustrating could end up being something your family looks back on and laughs about for years to come.”