Six Of New England’s Best RV Sites




Jeff Gorra


June 21st, 2023


Now that it is officially summer, it’s only natural to start daydreaming about your getaway plans. In the northeast, we are fortunate to have many waterside areas that are ideal for campsites. Here, we are featuring six of the best RV sites in New England to explore.

We will highlight one RV site per New England state. Each of them are unique in their own right. But they all contain the essentials that you look for in a site.


Recreational vehicles offer their own living quarters. So when going through the various location options, lodging accommodations were not of the utmost importance. What was, however, is ample space to comfortably park your RV. Ideally, these sites offer the ability to leverage your vehicle as simply a resting stop to call it a day in. In addition, it was imperative the sites also are flexible enough that you can pull start up the RV and pull out and drive around where need be.


Once you have your spot, the surrounding environment is equally as important. Being lakeside is always a plus. Furthermore, RV and campsites are synonymous with families. Having a playground or firepit to cook up some smores is also encouraged. This area of the methodology responds to a simple question – what is there to do when you are not inside the RV?

The assumption is that regardless of where you go, there are trails to navigate the many New England mountain ranges adjacent to the best RV sites. A nice hike up to earn the appetite to grill hot dogs is a major site seller. The same holds true for bike paths.

Lastly, when settling on these six best RV sites in New England, they have to be a picture of fun, and represent a place that you can’t wait to return to.

RV parked with kids looking out the window. 2 adults sitting on chairs outside.

Maine – Balsam Woods, Spacious Skies

Spacious Skies has two locations in Maine, however, Balsam Woods is where RV’s go to really feel the spacious sky overhead. This is in Abbot, Maine, and while you share the grounds with cabins, you have the choice to pull your RV up to a woods or non-woods site. Regardless, there are miles of hiking trails. As for unique amenities – gem mining or jumping on a giant pillow trampoline anyone?