Spacious Skies Campgrounds Roll Out Retro-Style Trailers, Create 13-Stop Fall Color Trail


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Aoife O’Riordan


September 7, 2022


Spacious Skies Campgrounds, a collection of campgrounds and RV parks in regions in the Eastern United States, recently unveiled its new retro-style trailers for family travelers to enjoy. Built by Riverside RV, the retro trailers are available in 10 models ranging 13–28 feet long.


“The exteriors of the retro trailers look like they were charmingly preserved in the 1950s and are just now seeing the light of day, but they are decidedly modern on the inside,” said Ali Rasmussen, CEO and creative director, Spacious Skies. “Whether it is one person reminiscing about childhood or a young couple looking for a unique experience, we think these units will be immensely popular as we add them to the collection of Spacious Skies campgrounds.”

The exterior maintains a vintage feel with two-tone paint jobs using eight bright colors and three neutral tones. Inside, guests find modern amenities like kitchens with stoves, air conditioning and bathrooms with toilets and showers. The retro style continues through the details and design of the interior, from black-and-white checkerboard floors, colorful cushions and birch cabinetry.


Kitchens are stocked with dishes, flatware pans, a coffeemaker, microwave, stove top and oven. The only things recommended for guests to bring are linens and towels.

The new trailers are available in four of the company’s 12 campgrounds: Spacious Skies Walnut Grove in Alfred, Maine; Spacious Skies French Pond in Henniker, New Hampshire; Spacious Skies Woodland Hills in Austerlitz, New York; and Spacious Skies Country Oaks in Dorothy, New Jersey.


Guests can reserve a Retro trailer here, along with Spacious Skies’ other campsites, cabins, yurts and tent sites.

The new retro-style trailers aren’t the only exciting addition this fall. Spacious Skies Campgrounds also created a 13-stop fall color trail from Maine to Tennessee, allowing travelers to celebrate the East’s famous fall foliage from campground to campground. The trail begins with Spacious Skies Balsam Woods in early September and ends at north central Tennessee’s Spacious Skies Belle Ridge. At this final stop, rich reds, oranges and yellows last through late October.

Balsam Woods

Each of the 13 stops offer different experiences, often blending the region’s history and culture with natural beauty. For instance, Spacious Skies Minute Man, located 33 miles from Boston, provides travelers with the chance to combine an urban diversion with their harvest season adventures. At Spacious Skies Shenandoah Valley, travelers can view the vibrant fall leaves before enjoying outdoor adventures like hiking, fishing and biking.

To embark on this fall color trail, call Spacious Skies Campgrounds at 862-777-0319 and mention promo code FALL13 to book your own trail.