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Balsam Woods


SeasonalIconSetMay – Oct


Our Central Maine Amenities

Direct Access to ATV Trails

Gem Mining

Gemstone and Fossil Panning! What Will You Find?


Typically open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend


Snack Bar

Walking – Hiking Trails

Hike to Nearby Lakes and Waterfalls in the Area!

Rec Hall


New Playground with Swings, Slides, and More!

Camp Store

Forgot any Supplies? Find them Here!

Dog Park

Coming Soon!

Perfect Place to Play with Your Furry Friends!

Jumping Pillow

Jumping Fun for Campers of All Ages!


Pets Welcome

ATV Pressure Wash Station

Further amenities

Pull-Thru Sites
Laundry Room
Propane filling station
Gasoline Pump
Shower Areas
Air Compressor
Themed Weekends
Horse Shoes
Credit cards Accepted
Laundry Area
Pressure Washer
Covered Pavilion
Basketball Court
Volleyball Court
Propane Sales
Ice Sales
Firewood Sales

ATV Riders, Please Read, Respect, and Ride Safe.

Please adhere to items below, identified issues threaten Maine ATV trails.

  • ATV trails are provided by the landowners as a courtesy and is a privilege to the rider. ATV trails will be closed if landowner rules, Maine laws, and signs are ignored.
  • ATV’s must only be ridden on Marked ATV Trails, Signed ATV Access Routes, or on land where the operator has obtained permission. It is unlawful to operate ATV’s on land of another without permission.
  • ATV access routes are provided to allow access to businesses. Please keep ATV’s off residential roads as much as possible. The ATV trail accesses many businesses and gas stations. Please remain on the ATV trail when possible.
  • When using the paved town roads as access routes, operate in the travel lane and at the posted speed limit. This ensures that traffic is not slowed, and vehicles are not passing ATV’s. Access routes are permitted for riders 16 years of age and older 8:30am through Dusk.
  • Most local ATV trails are gravel logging roads provided for use as ATV trails. Vehicles have the right of way. When approaching an oncoming vehicle or being passed by a vehicle please pull to the side, slow, or stop your ATV and wait for dust to settle. When ATV’s or vehicles are traveling in groups, visibility from following vehicles can be extremely poor.
  • If you find yourself around a logging operation or equipment working on roads you must stop a safe distance away from the equipment until the equipment operator sees you. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS the working equipment. Doing so is a serious danger to the ATVer and will likely result in future restrictions of ATV’s.
  • Utilize bridges that are provided at stream crossings. It is illegal to operate an ATV in a stream, brook, gravel stream edges, or any other water body.
  • Gated roads on ATV trails have openings for ATV’s. Travel slow through the gate and accelerate gradually to avoid creating potholes. If your ATV does not fit because of potholes, take time to fix the pothole. Do not ride around gates.
  • Please remember that the same area you are riding in is used by many others recreating in different ways. Some campers and fishermen are seeking peace and solitude. Hunters are quietly sitting on stands… etc. Please keep others in mind.
  • It is Maine law that ATVers stop and identify themselves to a landowner representative or law enforcement. If it looks like someone is trying to get your attention, stop and talk to them. Take the time to thank landowners and foresters when you have the opportunity. Fees are not collected to ride on trails and the trails are provided as a courtesy by the landowner. Do your part to fix something that is not right.

Review Maine’s complete list of ATV laws and a downloadable version of the laws here:

Fun, Relaxing & Authentic Campground Experience 

Fun, Relaxing & Authentic Campground Experience 

Fun, Relaxing & Authentic Campground Experience 

Fun, Relaxing & Authentic Campground Experience 

Fun, Relaxing & Authentic Campground Experience 

Fun, Relaxing & Authentic Campground Experience 

Balsam Woods


Return to nature and the great outdoors in the Moosehead Lake region of central Maine, where there is no shortage of adventure or chance to pause your busy life to take in the scenery and wildlife

SeasonalIconSetMay – Oct


Moosehead Lake, Maine
  • Aprox 30 minute drive
  • 75,000 acres – 40 miles long

The unspoiled wilderness, solitude, and pristine beauty provides the perfect atmosphere for your enjoyment. Whether you are looking to fish the lake, hike the vast forest trails, or catch a glimpse of the Maine wildlife, the Moosehead Lake region has it all. Stunning Moosehead Lake is THE place for adventurers, free-spirits, families, and artisans looking for solitude in an unspoiled woodland.

Currier Aviation Museum

447 Pritham Ave, Greenville Junction, ME 04442

Preserving the seaplane heritage in the Moosehead Lake Region. Our museum includes vintage seaplane, tools and equipment to maintain them, and a variety of other displays.

Other Local Attractions

For additional information about attractions and amenities local to Abbot Maine, Spacious Skies welcomes you to contact us with your questions, concerns, suggestion, etc…
Let’s keep the adventure going!

Balsam Woods

Campground Fun

From May 14th to October 16th, Balsam Woods has weekly campground fun.
See what fun, weekly themes are happening during your stay or plan a stay around your favorite theme weekend!

SeasonalIconSetMay 14 – Oct 16

Take your indoors outdoors

at Spacious Skies Balsam Woods

Set within the mountainous Appalachian region of central Maine, dotted with lakes both small and massive, Spacious Skies Balsam Woods gives you and your family and friends the best that nature has to offer—the serenity of the wilderness, and the adrenaline-pumping excitement adventurers seek. See your campsite as home base for a variety of nearby adventures in the Moosehead Lake/Mt. Katahdin region, hike or bike to any number of lakes and waterfalls in the region, or simply take in the peace and quiet of the grounds, no road noise to be heard, and gaze dreamily up at the stars above by the warmth of your campfire.


Spacious Skies Campgrounds, LLC is committed to providing an accessible experience for all visitors to our website, including those with disabilities. If you experience difficulty in accessing the Spacious Skies Campgrounds website, please contact us at or (862) 777-0319.

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