Spacious Skies Hidden Creek Unveils Major Renovations


Modern Campground


Rein Tarinay


October 6th, 2023


Nestled amidst dense forests and scenic views, Spacious Skies Hidden Creek (North Carolina) has emerged as a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts.

After undergoing extensive renovations, this campground is not only ready to welcome winter campers but is also gearing up to host the fourth anniversary of the renowned Black Folks Camp Too event.

The past winter saw Spacious Skies Hidden Creek embarking on a transformative journey. The campground, which was incorporated into the Spacious Skies Campgrounds collection in July 2022, now offers monthly and winter seasonal sites.

With rates starting at $650, the allure is undeniable. And for those quick to seize this opportunity, the campground is offering up to two months of complimentary electricity for monthly site bookings.

But the allure of Spacious Skies Hidden Creek doesn’t end with its natural beauty. The vicinity boasts a plethora of attractions.

From the serene Catawba Greenway to the thrilling Beanstalk Journey Zip-line, and from the picturesque Lake James to the historic Linville Caverns, there’s something for everyone. And for those with a penchant for adventure, the Pisgah National Forest, Linville Falls, Linville Gorge, and Orchard Altapass promise unforgettable experiences.

The recent renovations have elevated the campground to new heights. Ali Rasmussen, co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, couldn’t contain her pride.

“We’re proud of the way our team accomplished park-wide improvements that enhance the camping experience while putting a pleasant shine on the overall look of the campground,” she remarked.

The enhancements range from a massive paving project that simplifies navigation to the introduction of a fleet of new golf carts available for rent.

Children and families have reason to rejoice too. The addition of a jumping pillow promises endless fun, while the revamped gem mine and mini-golf course beckon with their charm. The campground’s pools have also seen repairs, ensuring safe and refreshing dips. Aesthetic improvements haven’t been overlooked either. Fresh coats of paint adorn the buildings, and a newly planted wildflower field adds to the campground’s allure.

But perhaps what sets Spacious Skies Hidden Creek apart is its commitment to inclusivity. This October 6-8, the campground will host the fourth anniversary of Black Folks Camp Too.

This organization, dedicated to promoting the outdoor lifestyle to campers of all backgrounds, found an ally in Spacious Skies Campgrounds. As the first private campground company to partner with them, the commitment runs deep. All 15 campgrounds in the collection, including Spacious Skies Hidden Creek, proudly display their “Unity Blaze Certification.” This certification is a testament to their dedication to the Unity Blaze motto: “You are Invited and Welcomed.”

The upcoming anniversary promises a weekend of celebration and camaraderie. From Octoberfest Themed Weekend activities to live music sessions, cozy campfires, and karaoke nights, there’s something for everyone. Both seasoned campers and first-timers are expected to join the festivities.